Before actually hiring a web development team, it is always a good idea to check their past records. This is what we believe in at We Are People as well. In order to give you a hint at what we have done in the past here is a small portfolio section that we created. Here you will be able to overview some of the recent projects that we have finished for our clients.

In case you want references to such projects, then we recommend you get in touch with us personally.


Wibbi is an app that encourages users to meet people that are at the same place of leisure as them. We are the technological partners of this project as well as carry the technical direction. We also develop the API that gives service to their iOS and Android apps.

Coach on Rails

Coach on Rails is a project that helps coaching professionals to manage their agenda, processes and clients. There is a preliminary version and in the upcoming months the beta version will be openly available.


Kelisto is an app that compares insurance policies and rates in different sectors (power, telecoms, etc.) We contribute with the products team stengthening and improving their apps.


Ironhack is an organization that promotes intensive programming courses for developers and entrepreneurs. We participate providing mentorship to students who are already in the development phase of their personal project.


Teamlabs is a platform for creating learning and innovation labs that bets on a radically new methodology (inspired by the finnish) We are techological partners and we teach labs in this field.